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Ways to monetize on my blog

Author: admin | Files under Blog, Blog Monetization, Make Money, Tips & Tricks

Blogs might be a social networking concept, which allows you to interact freely with likeminded people all over the world, but if you can utilize your idea properly make your blog popular, blogs, can be a source of revenue too. Once your blogging site is all set and starts attracting moderate or higher traffic you can start accepting advertisements on the blog.

Direct advertisements on your blog will help the advertiser to popularize the product; because every time a member visits your blog will see the advertisement too and in turn, you will get a regular source of income. Another such innovative income idea is to include text link-based advertisement. It connects the blog content with the advertisements through a simple link.

Paid reviews are another way by which you can earn good amount if you write about certain product or services in your blog, in order to promote them. Other popular ways to encash your blog is to include pay per click (PPC) advertisements. Banner advertisements, in which you can even keep up to 75% revenue of each click is an excellent money making idea from your blog. Similarly, you can also rely on affiliate programs as a source of revenue from blogs.

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