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Ping? Ping-ing? What’s a Ping?

Author: admin | Files under Blog, Blog Ranking, Driving Traffic, SEO SEM, Tips & Tricks

seomyblog ping linkingWhen we add a new content to our site, such as a new article or a new blog post, we can use Pings to inform other people. search engines and other sites that a new update can be found in your blog or website. Pings are tools that is designed to automatically notifies the update service sites and major search engines that a certain changes had been found in a blog or website. This is one of the good ways to enhance your site’s popularity on search engines and it helps in engine result pages (SERPs).

The main purpose of pinging is to gain traffic. The search engines are always on the look out for new content and updates on blogs and websites. Not only your readers are conscious about what is going on in your blog, the crawlers in the search engines are encouraged to visit your blog or website.

How do I Ping?

In WordPress, there is a section where we can add in the list of ping sites we want to ping to. Like this blog, pinging can be done automatically when a blog post is added. Pinging you blog or website helps you to gain the traffic and publicity to your blog or website.

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