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I can’t write for my Business Blog?

Author: admin | Files under Blog, Blog Content, Tips & Tricks

Your question: I can’t write or I just don’t have the time to write?

Writing in your blog can be a fun and motivating activity. Updating your blog constantly will help you built the reputation in your field. First of all, you do not have to have a PhD in English to write well. All you need is genuine interest in helping your readers in solving their problem.

We have heard of the saying “speak from your heart”, in this case blogging would be “write from your heart”. If you can offer something that will help your readers to solve their problem, and you can show sincerity and your passion, you will make a heck of a wonderful job.

Blogging allows you to be personal with your readers, treat them as your friends, they are your friends. Write to them like how you would write to your best friend. The tone of your writing will give your readers the impression of who you are.

After writing your blog article, run it through a spelling and grammar check in your word processor. This will help you reduce mistakes and error. You can get someone to proofread for you.

How many words you can write is entirely your choice. If you can get a message across in 10 words, then 10 words is all you need.

Keep it short and simple. Your readers will thank you for this.

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