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How Twitter can improve blog marketing

Author: admin | Files under Blog, Internet Marketing, SEO SEM, Social Networking

Twitter popularly known for its social networking function can really add to your business too. Especially, if you want to market your blog efficiently, twitter can get you quick response. Generally, twitter allows micro-blogging of about 140 words and has a long list of followers who can read, see, and respond to your message. So all you have to do is to join twitter and start writing small blogs on current issues or any topic you want to highlight then probably you can add the links of your blog with twitter message.

This will lead large traffic towards your blogging site, as large number of followers who are reading your blogs on twitter will certainly have a look at the links too. Either you can allow free access to your blog for all the users or you can also restrict the access to your target followers.

To make it more interesting you can use various tools that twitter provides, to help you in marketing your blog even better. The latest one called hummingbird helps you to get free updates, generates large number of followers and also assists you in getting professional marketing resources that too free of cost. Along with the features, you can be sure of high performance once you use such tools in twitter for blog marketing.

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