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How to get my blog ranked in search engines

Getting your blog, a good rank in search engine becomes quite easy through inserting proper search engine optimization or SEO. Well talking of SEOs, offsite and on site SEOs is equally important in determining your blog rank in search engines. However, you cannot help much regarding off site SEOs because it entirely depends on the external factors called back links. Nevertheless, you can certainly ensure fair number of back links by writing interesting blogs, submitting your blogs in blog directories and visiting and commenting on other blogs.

Meanwhile you must write your blog in such a way so that it has sufficient on site SEOs. You can ensure SEOs by selecting keywords for the topics that is your blog contains keywords, which is easily recognizable by Google or similar search engines. Similarly blogs based on a relevant topic or theme, gets higher ranking in search engines. While, designing of the blog site is another important factor in deciding the rank in search engines. Simple and hassle free designs get higher rank.

Submitting your topics in search engines again helps in getting a better positioning. On the other hands regularity in posting the blogs, outbound/back links, good domain name, registering domain for longer period are amongst few other factors which is responsible for the rank of your blog on search engines.

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