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How to determine my blog niche

Determining a niche for the blog involves extensive research before you can actually decide on the blog topic. There are several factors, which are important in deciding the topic for your blog; first, one is your personal interest. Writing on the topics of your interest will obviously result in better material, so choose a topic keeping in mind your and reader interest both. Another important point that you must keep in mind is your network foundation that is, the type of forums or networks in which you participate actively.

Always look for topics, which actually people require, to ensure high or at least a moderate search volume. Lastly, always look for the topics, which ensure monetization too, means your topic must attract advertisers and reader at the same time.

Now here are three simple steps through which you can efficiently choose the niche for your blog-

1) Select the suitable topics according to your as well as reader interest from a long list of topics available.

2) Confirm the traffic potential of your topic. Therefore, you do not end up writing blog on a topic, which has limited scope for the readers.

3) It is better to determine the monetizing potential of your topic, so that later on you can earn from your blog through advertisements and affiliate programs.

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