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How Facebook can help in blog marketing

Author: admin | Files under Blog, Branding, Internet Marketing, SEO SEM, Social Networking

Facebook is generally a social networking tool, while if used properly can certainly help in marketing your blogs or your websites. Since Facebook is a social site, you can invite end number of friends to join your Facebook, and in turn request them to pass on the links to their friends.

After you are done with the profile page in Facebook, add the content and the links of your blog site. By inviting your added friends to your blog site, you can also request them to share the page with other or the friends. This will divert traffic towards your blog via Facebook.

Alternatively, you can do the same by other way round, by using the Facebook as a tool for social media optimization, which attracts more traffic than search engine optimization. So all you have to do is to build a Facebook page, create groups on this page, and participate in the social networking.

However, the most important aspect is to build an attractive profile page on Facebook, it is better to make profile page as personalized as possible to connect with other users efficiently. You can add as many information as possible along with photos and videos regarding your blog, so that the added friends get attracted to your blog instantly.

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