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Handling critics and negative comments on my blog

Author: admin | Files under Blog, Blog Content, Internet Marketing, Tips & Tricks

Once you start writing blogs and invite readers to your blogs, you will certainly get positive and negative feedbacks or comment. Though positive comment boosts your confidence level, negative ones tend to disturb you a lot, especially because these comments are quite visible on blogging sites.

There is nothing much, which you can do to prevent criticism but definitely there are several ways to handle it efficiently. Firstly, if you are writing a blog just keep yourself prepared for both, so that you do not get shock when you receive a criticism. Secondly, try not to over react or delete the comment rather involve yourself in interactive ways .Try to ask the critic why he/she have negative views on your write up, and get to the bottom lines of the problem and analyze it in detail, so that you do not make such mistakes from the next time.

Interaction with the reader may have dual effect it will make you realize where you went wrong and it may be other way round also and your reader might change his/her mindset regarding your blog. Lastly, the most important quality of a blog writer is the self-confidence. Therefore just have faith in yourself and your capabilities because, it is not possible to satisfy everybody.

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