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Five deadly mistakes by new bloggers

Author: admin | Files under Blog, Blog Content, Internet Marketing, Tips & Tricks

New bloggers often make mistakes, which reduces the readability and traffic in their blogging sites. First mistake that bloggers make is regarding the design. Generally, the design which blogging platform offers are simple and looks attractive, therefore most of the bloggers utilize this design. Here lies the basic problem, because the spam blogs too uses same design, hence, it is better to avoid these easy designs.

Another basic mistake that a new user commits is the wrong use of colors, fonts, or style in order to make the blog attractive for themselves. Instead, the bloggers must focus on the readability aspect. Therefore, it is better to write your blog in a simple way, which is easy to read.

Third major mistake is the inclusion of large number of advertisements on the blog, even before it gets enough traffic, in order to make money. It gives the impression that rather than blogging you are mostly interested in moneymaking, leading to a poor traffic towards the blog.

Simplicity, which is the most important aspect of blogging, new bloggers in order to make their blog attractive adds end number of widgets to it making it even more complicated for the visitors. Hence, it is advisable to make blog page as simple as possible.

Lastly, many times new bloggers forget that they are writing for an interactive social network and keep on writing blogs that revolve around themselves. Such blogs do not attract readers. Instead, one should write blogs keeping in mind the reader and their interest.

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