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How Facebook can help in blog marketing

Author: admin | Files under Blog, Branding, Internet Marketing, SEO SEM, Social Networking

Facebook is generally a social networking tool, while if used properly can certainly help in marketing your blogs or your websites. Since Facebook is a social site, you can invite end number of friends to join your Facebook, and in turn request them to pass on the links to their friends. After you are done [...]


How do I start my corporate blog in six steps?

Starting a corporate blog is quite simple and you can easily enter blogosphere by following six important steps- 1) Firstly, it is vital to have expertise on a particular subject of your choice before writing. Gather as much information as you can on the topic, so that readers find it actually useful and refer your [...]


How to get my blog ranked in search engines

Getting your blog, a good rank in search engine becomes quite easy through inserting proper search engine optimization or SEO. Well talking of SEOs, offsite and on site SEOs is equally important in determining your blog rank in search engines. However, you cannot help much regarding off site SEOs because it entirely depends on the [...]