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How Twitter can improve blog marketing

Author: admin | Files under Blog, Internet Marketing, SEO SEM, Social Networking

Twitter popularly known for its social networking function can really add to your business too. Especially, if you want to market your blog efficiently, twitter can get you quick response. Generally, twitter allows micro-blogging of about 140 words and has a long list of followers who can read, see, and respond to your message. So [...]


Ways to monetize on my blog

Author: admin | Files under Blog, Blog Monetization, Make Money, Tips & Tricks

Blogs might be a social networking concept, which allows you to interact freely with likeminded people all over the world, but if you can utilize your idea properly make your blog popular, blogs, can be a source of revenue too. Once your blogging site is all set and starts attracting moderate or higher traffic you [...]


Handling critics and negative comments on my blog

Author: admin | Files under Blog, Blog Content, Internet Marketing, Tips & Tricks

Once you start writing blogs and invite readers to your blogs, you will certainly get positive and negative feedbacks or comment. Though positive comment boosts your confidence level, negative ones tend to disturb you a lot, especially because these comments are quite visible on blogging sites. There is nothing much, which you can do to [...]


How to determine my blog niche

Determining a niche for the blog involves extensive research before you can actually decide on the blog topic. There are several factors, which are important in deciding the topic for your blog; first, one is your personal interest. Writing on the topics of your interest will obviously result in better material, so choose a topic [...]